Being a delivery driver in the UK can be a challenging yet rewarding job, especially when it comes to ensuring successful deliveries. It is essential to have the right products and tools to make sure that your deliveries are as efficient and safe as possible.

From protective gear to storage solutions, this article will discuss the essential products that all UK delivery drivers should have to make their job easier. With the right products, you can make sure that your deliveries are prompt, safe and successful each and every time.

GPS Device

A GPS tracking device is a must for delivery drivers because it allows you to track deliveriesa in real-time, and, therefore, increasing the efficiency of your deliveries. As we all know, a GPS tracking device is an electronic device that can be used to find the location of a vehicle or person. Most GPS trackers work by sending out a signal which is received by a server and then forwarded to the recipient, usually an app on a smartphone. The advantages of using a GPS tracking device for delivery drivers are:

  • Improved efficiency - GPS tracking devices can help fleet contollers know where their vehicles are at all times, and drivers navigate to locations more quickly, allowing them to spend less time on the road and more time loading and unloading deliveries.
  • Enhanced driver safety - GPS tracking devices can come with other features such as speed alerts, hazard warnings, fuel locations and weather reports.
  • Enhanced customer service - With a GPS tracking device, you can share your location with customers. This can help customers feel more at ease when they are expecting their delivery and see exactly where you are.

Vehicle Cleaning Supplies

A clean vehicle is essential for any delivery driver. A messy windscreen can lead to accidents, and a dirty vehicle can reflect poorly on your company. A good vehicle cleaning kit will help you clean your vehicle more efficiently.

This cleaning kit should include a broom, sponge, scrub brush, cloths, a squeegee, cleaning solution and rubber gloves. Depending on your industry and which type of vehicle you drive, you could also need specific cleaning supplies such as a spill kit for food and drink deliveries.

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Vehicle First-Aid Kit

Whilst you may not think that delivering items like parcels, hot meals or car parts is dangerous, the fact is that driving a vehicle on the road can be risky business. This is why it is important to have a first-aid kit in your vehicle at all times, as well as the knowledge about how to use it.

A first-aid kit can contain items such as gauze, bandages, sticking plasters, antiseptics and ointments. Having a first-aid kit in your vehicle can be incredibly helpful if you are involved in a minor accident or if a passenger in your vehicle is injured. Having first-aid supplies such as a blanket, gloves and a warm drink can also be incredibly helpful if you are delivering in cold weather.

First-aid kits should be kept in a cool, dry place. Avoid keeping your first-aid kit in the boot in hot weather as this can ruin the contents of the kit.

Communication systems for delivery drivers

A communication system for delivery drivers is essential to keep your customers informed of your location and the status of their deliveries. It should be easy to use, durable, and have a long battery life. There are a variety of communication devices available depending on your industry.

  • Two-way radios are radio devices that allow two people to communicate with each other. They work in a similar way to walkie-talkies. Two-way radios are a great option for delivery drivers as they are easy to use, have a long battery life, and can be used in most weather conditions - but check licencing requirements.
  • Trackers are another great communication device for delivery drivers. Trackers are usually installed in the vehicle and allow customers to track the progress of their deliveries in real-time and some allow two way chat. Many GPS tracking devices can also be used as trackers.
  • Smartphones are another essential communication device for delivery drivers as most of them come with optional GPS and maps. Smartphones are easy to use and can be used in most weather conditions.

Safety equipment for delivery drivers

  • A safety vest is essential for delivery drivers who work on the road. Safety vests can be worn on the outside of clothing and are designed to be visible and let other drivers know that you are on the road. Even a bright safety vest can be hard to see in bad weather, but they can be life savers low light and foggy weather.
  • Safety goggles and gloves can also be a good idea if you work with food or have a lot of chemical in your vehicle. Safety goggles can protect your eyes, and gloves can protect your hands when loading/unloading deliveries.
  • A flashlight can be essential; you never know when you might really need one. You need to make sure the batteries are well charged up but torches with USB charging are cheap and easy to find.
  • A first-aid kit can help you deal with minor injuries that you may encounter whilst on the road.
  • A fire extinguisher is another thing you may want to keep in your vehicle. Fire extinguishers can help put out small fires if you encounter them and are great for keeping your vehicle safe. The dry powder type are the most popular; they don't contain corrosive chemicals and are safe to use on electrical equipment.

Vehicle Accessories

There are a few other accessories that can help you be a more efficient and safe delivery driver. A mount allows you to attach your phone to your windshield. This is a safe option as you will have both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. A mount can also be used to keep your GPS device or two-way radio in place.

A multi port USB charger is another useful automotive accessory. This will allow you to charge your phone whilst you are driving. Chargers can also be used to power other devices such as two-way radios or trackers.

Spare bulbs and widscreen wipers are cheap but when you need them they are priceless; driving down a dark motorway with a blown bulb is downright dangerous so it's as well to not only have a stock of bulbs but also the knowledge of how to replace them.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is important for all drivers, especially those who deliver in different seasons. Having a good raincoat and waterproof overboots can help to protect you from the rain or snow. Other weather protection items that can be found in any household include a good pair of gloves, a scarf or a hat. These items can help to keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from the elements when it's raining.

To protect the goods you are delivering a weatherproof bag is really helpful for protecting the items you are delivering between your van and the customer. A weatherproof bag can range from a light waterproof plastic bag to a heavy-duty bag that can withstand the elements in any weather condition.

Traffic Management Solutions

Traffic management solutions can be very helpful for delivery drivers who have to deal with heavy traffic. Some solutions, such as TomTom Go, provide real-time traffic information to help drivers avoid traffic jams. Some solutions include navigation, weather alerts and accident reports. These solutions can be helpful for drivers who have to make deliveries during rush-hour traffic.

These solutions are often available for both smartphones and in-vehicle systems.

Food and Drink Carriers

If you are a food courier delivering hot meals direct to the customer insulated food carriers are a must. There is nothing more disappointing for a hungry customer than a meal arriving cold; complaints will result and you could forget about tips!

They are cheap and easy to get hold of so don't skimp, may job may depend on it.

Vehicle Dashcam

A vehicle dashcam can be used to capture the details of your deliveries and can be used as evidence in case of an accident since they are designed to record both audio and video. Vehicle dashcams can be used to record the details of your deliveries and can be used as evidence in case of an accident. They can also be used to track your driving activity and provide evidence that you really have made that disputed delivery.

Take care not to record any footage of customers or other people though; this could be viewed as an unforgivable breach of privacy.


As you can see, delivery drivers have a lot of responsibility. Making sure that their loads are secure and that they arrive at the right place at the right time is no small task. This is why it is important to have the right tools to make the process easier and make sure that your deliveries are prompt, safe and successful each and every time.

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