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Are you a self employed delivery driver looking for insurance? There are policies for just about every risk you could possibly face but there are those you really need, those that might be useful and those that are (frankly) hardly worth bothering about. Let's have a look at them.

The Essential Ones

Hire and reward cover

Sometimes called courier, or haulage, insurance, this covers you for delivering goods that:

  • (a) don't belong to you; and
  • (b) you get paid for delivering.

This means, of course that anyone carrying anything from hot pizzas for Just Eat or Deliveroo, to a truck full of Groceries to a Sainsbury or Tesco store, needs this cover.

It is vital, though, to have the right hire and reward policy! Insurers will want to know what; where; how; and to whom you are delivering; a particular issue for self employed drivers who may take different loads for different companies. Fortunately there are insurance providers with a lot of experience in arranging suitable cover who can help you choose the right cover.

Employer's liability insurance

If you are a one-man band this won't apply to you; but if you employ anyone to help you make deliveries, it is highly likely that you will have to have this by law. Quite right too, because if one of your employees is injured whilst making a delivery (or at any time, as a result of their job), they may make a claim against you. Injury claims can be very heavy indeed; but employer's liability insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and compensation if you are found to be at fault.

Goods in transit cover

This isn't, unlike the above, a legal necessity; but would you want to be without it? And, in any case, anyone whose goods you carried would probably insist on it.

Depending on the exact terms of the policy you could be covered against loss, damage or theft of your cargoes whilst they were held in your storage facility (if you have one); loaded onto your vehicle; carried to the final destination; then unloaded, after which they become the responsibility of the deliveree. Again, your insurer will want to know just what these cargoes are, and in particular whether or not they are particularly dangerous, or valuable.

Goods in transit insurance is often bundled with hire and reward cover, because they are mutually complementary; but if you expect to carry anything outside the routine internet parcels or retail stock you may prefer a tailor-made policy, rather than an off-the-peg one that may not fully cover all eventualities.

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The Not-Essential-But-Useful List

Public liability insurance

This covers you if anyone (other than an employee) is injured, falls ill, or loses money in any way (except in a road traffic accident) as a result of your business activities. Spill some liquids that someone slips on; leave a box that someone else trips over; damage some handling equipment belonging to a customer; or any one of an endless list of potential mishaps may well be covered by one of these policies. You don't have to have it by law, but many employers you deal with (particularly public authorities) are likely to insist on it.

Personal accident insurance

Self employment is great until you fall ill or get injured; then your income could stop, but the bills would still continue to roll in. One of these policies might tide you over until you recovered and was able to get back to work again.

Vehicle breakdown insurance

There are few things more frustrating than having important deliveries to make, but your van or car either won't start, you have a road traffic accident, or the engine gives up on the road. A decent policy could get you moving again; but they come with lots of different levels of cover so you need to make sure that yours is suitable for the kind of work you are doing.

Useful benefits are a home start service, in case you can't get going in the morning; and a guaranteed replacement vehicle whilst your own is repaired is very useful too. This vehicle would have to be big enough for your work, and speed would be essential; if you have customers waiting for a delivery you don't want to be stuck for days whilst your insurer finds a replacement for you.

The 'Might-Just-Need-This' List

Legal expenses insurance

If you are involved in a dispute with a customer, supplier, or employee, legal expenses insurance can help you cover the cost of lawyer fees. This type of insurance can be particularly useful for self-employed delivery drivers, as problems like these can be costly and time-consuming; after all you have other things on your mind, and you can do without the stress of possible court cases.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Really? This is something new, but you just might consider it: if you rely on digital platforms to take orders or payments from your customers, you may want to consider it. In the event of a data breach or cyber attack (they happen all the time; even the biggest companies can have their systems breached), if your customers' personal or financial data on your computer system is compromised, you could face legal action or damage to your reputation. Cyber liability insurance might help you cover the cost of legal fees and any compensation you may be required to pay.


OK, some insurance (hire and reward, and perhaps employers' liability cover, if you employ anyone) is legally essential; and some could come in really useful. Others? Well, maybe.

All of life is full of risks; and it is up to you (and your budget) to decide which ones you want to insure against. Click the button and get some quotes right away.

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